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Letter from CEO/CMO

11-02-17Matt Poffenroth, MD

Dear Colleagues,

As you read through this final 2017 edition of the SPN Newsletter, I’d like to call your attention to two key areas where Signature Partners has been working diligently to help support your efforts to manage patients – the high risk care management program led by Tonya Kirchmyer, and the tremendous efforts to produce and distribute accurate quality measure reports led by Susan Peldo-Metzler, Susie Smith and Dr. Neeta Goel. We recognize that both of these initiatives are critical to our success, yet have faced numerous challenges to fully implement. As with most worthy causes, however, persistence is the key, and both of these programs are now nearly fully developed. While Tonya continues to recruit nurse care managers, she has developed work flows and assigned care managers to each of our practices. The care management team has reviewed hundreds of high risk patients and has impacted the care of several of those in a positive way. I trust you will begin receiving more communication from the team as they strive to support you. In regards to quality reports, after struggling through three changes in ownership of our data warehouse vendor (now Koan Health), our Quality and IT Analytics team are finally ready to begin distributing quality measure gap reports on a routine, quarterly basis. I can’t emphasize enough how much time and effort has been dedicated by the Signature Partners team to get you accurate and meaningful reports. Several of you have provided feedback along the way which has been tremendously helpful as well.

Lastly, I’d like to reassure you that all of this effort is not without reward. As you are aware, we received and distributed a sizeable gain-share payment to our providers from Innovation Health earlier this year, and hope to have a similar or better payout in 2018. In addition, we have several other value-based contracts either in place or being negotiated, including our contract with Johns Hopkins Health Care for USFHP (TriCare Prime) which is exceeding growth targets, a new Innovation Health Medicare Advantage program which will launch in January 2018, and ACO contracts with three other commercial insurance carriers. All combined, these programs will offer significant value-based incentives for our providers as we all work together to improve the cost and quality of health care for these patients. As we finalize these new payor agreements, your quality consultants will be reaching out to you to educate you on the programs.

Thank you for your commitment to Signature Partners, and I look forward to a very successful 2018.


Matthew Poffenroth, MD, MBA

CEO/CMO, Signature Partners

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