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At Signature Partners, we know that employers benefit when there is greater focus on employee health and wellness within their companies. When employees’ health is well managed they are more engaged and productive at work. Our high-performance network helps employers provide their workforce with outstanding coordinated care at an affordable price.

Clinical Integration: The Signature Partners Approach

Signature Partners is a clinically integrated network of primary care physicians, specialists and healthcare facilities working together to provide the highest quality care at an affordable price. Clinical integration means providing seamless care across different sites in the community. It also means moving toward value-based reimbursement which focuses on quality outcomes and shifts away from fee-for-service payments that reward providers for every test, procedure and office visit.

Benefits for Employers

What does a clinically integrated, high-performing network mean for employers?

  • Cost savings: Our network helps you manage the health care costs of your employees and their dependents through the purchase of better, more efficient health care services.
  • Wellness: Your business is more productive when your employees are healthy and engaged at work. Our approach emphasizes safe, effective care and works to reduce complications, unnecessary interventions and hospitalizations that contribute to absenteeism.
  • High-quality care: Our clinical integration model delivers specialized and coordinated care that is informed by shared electronic health records. We strive to meet the ACA’s Three-part Aim goals of reduced costs, improved outcomes and heightened patient experiences. This is a national framework for rigorous improvement across the health system.
  • Reliable data: We use an integrated electronic health records system, so all of our physicians can share important medical data as needed. This avoids duplicative tests and reduces errors. More reliable information means higher quality care.

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