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Care Management Update

06-28-18Tonya Kirchmyer, RN

We are excited to announce additional staffing and disciplines added to our care management team to support care of high risk patients:

  • Social Worker: Fahsia McQueen is the first social worker to join our team. We are excited to offer the enhanced ability for psychosocial, behavioral health, and advanced directives/placement for patients we case manage.
  • Nurse Navigators: Two new nurse navigators joined our team during the first quarter to make it a total of eight navigators. Philomena Koranteng and Linda Shields are accepting new SPN practice assignments to provide care management services. Please welcome them to SPN team.

In order to continue process improvement for the patients we serve, patient surveys have been mailed out to 68 patients who graduated from care management this year. We will continue to mail out patient surveys to all patients within 30 days of graduation. The results from the surveys will be shared at the quality committee meetings.


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