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Reducing Inappropriate ED Visits

11-02-17Susie Smith, RN

In an effort to improve access and reduce unnecessary ED utilization, Signature Partners would like you to utilize a new telemedicine initiative for your patients who may need to access care after hours. Earlier this year, Inova partnered with American Well to launch a 24 hour, 7 days a week telemedicine service, white labeled as “Inova OnDemand.” Patients with acute, minor conditions are able to access a board-certified physician for a real-time video visit. These physicians are contracted and credentialed through American Well, one of the largest and most successful national telemedicine provider groups. The charge to the patient is $49. When setting up the appointment, patients are asked who their primary care provider (PCP) is, and are directed to follow-up with their PCP after completing the video visit. We encourage you to market Inova OnDemand to your patients as a means to access care for minor symptoms after hours as opposed to going to the ED or urgent care which costs much more. Decreasing ED utilization is one of the key areas where we can reduce total cost of care.


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